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2024 STFM

How to Build a Research Curriculum

Building Scholarship Into Your New Learning Networks: A Building Research Capacity Presentation

2024 ADFM

Building Research Capacity: Influence for Impact - Harnessing Persuasion Principles to Boost Family Medicine Research


SPARC Presentations: Strategic Plans to Advance Research Capacity by graduates of the Building Research Capacity Fellowship

The Joy of Research: Discovering, Rediscovering, and Growing It

Strategies to Keep Your (Post-Pandemic) Research Moving Forward

2023 STFM

Increasing Research Capacity: How Much Is Right for You?

2023 ADFM

Building Research Capacity: Change Management, A Tool for Meeting your Department’s Research Goals


Utilizing Research Indicators to Boost Your Department’s Effectiveness

2022 STFM

Fulfilling Your Program’s Scholarship Requirements Through Readily Available Resources and Creative Strategies

2022 ADFM

Creating a Strategic Plan for Research in Your Department

2021 NAPCRG 

Building Research Capacity Through Mentorship

2021 ADFM 

Leading Research During A Crisis

Building Research Capacity as a Department Chair or Research Leader

2020 FMLC
Building Research Capacity: From Priorities and Strategies to Action

Building Research Capacity: From Priorities and Strategies to Department Actions 

Strategies to Address Research Challenges and Opportunities in the Midst of a Global Pandemic

2020 STFM
Creating Great Educational Research Projects

2020 ADFM
The Leader’s Guide to Decision-Making When Building Research and Scholarship Capacity

2019 ADFM
Key Chair Decisions in Building Research and Scholarship Capacity

2019 STFM
Quality Improvement Projects as Research

Presenters: David Schneider MD MSPH, Bernard Ewigman MD MSPH, CJ Peek PhD, Sandra Burge, PhD, Peter Carek, Tammy Chang

A BRC Forum: How to Do Feasible and Gratifying Research by Aligning with Clinical, Quality and Operational Priorities

Building Research Capacity: Gathering US and Canada Chair and Research Leader Priorities and Practical Strategies


I'm not a Researcher, Why Should I Do Research: How Participation in Research Makes Me a Better Family Medicine Educator 

Finding the Time and Money for Research and Scholarship: A Minnesota Case Example

2018 ADFM 

"The Role of Faculty Engagement in Building Research Capacity (BRC)"

What does Research Capacity Mean to Your Department?

Presenters: David Schneider MD MSPH, Bernard Ewigman MD MSPH, CJ Peek PhD, Andrew Bazemore MD


"Means to Meaningful Mentorship"

Presenters: David Schneider, MD, MSPH, Sandra Burge, PhD; Don Nease, MD; Kola Okuyemi, MD, MPH; Hazel Tapp, PhD

2017 AAMC 

"ADFM Fellowship Workshop at AAMC"

Presenters: Myra Muramoto, MD, MPH; David Schneider, MD, MSPH; Bernard Ewigman, MD, MSPH, FAAFP

2017 STFM 

"Creating a Culture of Inquiry in Academic Family Medicine"

Presenters: David Schneider, MD, MSPH; Hazel Tapp, PhD; Robert Post, MD, MS; Dana King, MD, MS

2017 ADFM 

"Joy in Research: The Role of the Administrator-Chair Partnership in Inspiring Research"

Presenters: Tony Kuzel, MD, MHPE & Vicki Humphreys; John Hickner, MD, MSc & Hayley Evans, MBA; David Schneider, MD, MSPH & Virginia Westermeyer, MBA

2016 NAPCRG 

"BRC Launch"

Presenters: David Schneider, MD, MSPH; Don Nease, MD; Bernard Ewigman, MD, MSPH, FAAFP; Sandra Burge, PhD; Dana King, MD, MS; Hazel Tapp, PhD