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Purpose of Fellowship

To equip individuals with the knowledge, leadership skills, mentorship, and peer support to develop and implement a strategic plan for building research capacity within their own programs, departments, or institutions.

Qualifications of fellows

Those who want to build research/scholarship in their institutions—which requires skills in leadership, research organization, and faculty development. Candidates have been asked to be a change agent for building their organization’s capacity for producing scholarly activity. The fellow’s organization should support development of that capability, including supporting the development of a strategic plan as a product of the BRC Fellowship. Fellows might be chairs, aspiring chairs, research directors, research change agents in a residency program, administrators or others charged with making change in the organization.

The Building Research Capacity (BRC) Fellowship has 3 aims:

  • Coaching: Provide coaching support to build research and scholarship capacity within a program or institution
  • Support: Develop a peer support/network among other individuals or teams trying to build research capacity
  • Strategic Planning: Create a strategic plan for research and scholarship within their home program/institution

Curriculum Overview

  • The following curricular elements will be emphasized throughout the fellowship
    • Leadership development
    • Research tools and skills
  • Fellows will be expected to:
    • Attend the NAPCRG annual meeting at the beginning of the fellowship (November)
    • Attend the NAPCRG annual meeting at the completion of the fellowship (November)
    • Participate in scheduled webinars
    • Produce required end products
  • Faculty will:
    • Provide coaching and support as fellows navigate through their fellowship year
    • Offer feedback to the BRC Fellowship Leadership Team regarding fellow progress and areas for program improvement
    • Evaluate the curricular products produced by fellows
  • End products
    • Vision statement for research/scholarship in their organization (department, program, institution)
    • 3–5-year strategic plan for research/scholarship in their organization
    • Research capacity assessments
    • Stakeholder map
    • Progress summary data and narrative
    • Write a Leadership Philosophy identifying their leadership styles, strengths, and potential blind spots
    • Summative presentation at NAPCRG

Application Process

  • The application process for the fellows will begin May 15, 2023 and end July 31, 2023
  • Required documents include:
    • CV
    • Personal statement describing why this fellowship is important for the applicant and what is to be gained
    • Letter of recommendation from supervisor/chair, including intent to provide funding and protected time for the applicant


  • The tuition is $7,500 and it includes:
    • NAPCRG Annual Meeting 2023 Registration and Membership
    • ADFM 2024 Annual Meeting Registration
    • NAPCRG Annual Meeting 2024 Registration and Membership
    • Monthly Webinars and Workshops